Specialist Disability

Specialist Disability Accommodation Assessment & Certification

Building an NDIS / SDA property offers high yields and includes government funding for a 20-year period not only ensuring your investment is risk mitigated but also a profitable investment for developers or those with a passion for building a more accessible world.

SDA assessors will, as a part of the certification process, nominate the Design Category the dwelling satisfies based on the Design Standards. Only an Accredited SDA Assessor can issue certificates for SDA design categories for enrolment as an SDA dwelling with NDIS.

From 1 July 2021 all dwellings proposed for New Build SDA enrolment will be required to demonstrate the design and final as-built certification by an accredited SDA Assessor and meet all further requirements as outlined in National Disability Insurance Scheme (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Rules 2016 Part 7 and any other relevant legislation. The SDA Design Standard document sets out in detail the criteria that a dwelling must meet in order to be eligible for enrolment as SDA with the NDIA.

Preliminary assessments and design certification

From the design stage onwards, Kasey will prepare a report that indicates that upon completion, a dwelling will meet the criteria required for enrolment in accordance with the SDA Design Standard. This process will provide certainty to the SDA market about future enrolment and allow the preparation for dwelling enrolment to be undertaken by the NDIS prior to completion of the final as built assessment.

Final-As-Built certification

Upon the issuance of a certificate of occupancy (or jurisdictional equivalent), the final as-built certification can be assessed by Kasey. This report will then be provided to the NDIS for the purpose of completing the enrolment of a new build SDA.

Key SDA services offered:

  • Assessment and certification of new Specialist Disability Accommodation

  • Compliance Audits of existing Specialist Disability Accommodation

  • Assessment of existing Specialist Disability Accommodation for technical advice for necessary upgrades to achieve certification

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