Changing Places

Changing Places Assessment & Certification

The role of the Changing Places Assessor is to conduct design assessments for new builds and as-built facilities for existing buildings. All changing places facilities will be against the performance requirements of the Changing Places Design Specifications 2020 to confirm compliance and provide certification of same. The accreditation process ensures that Changing Places facilities are built to a minimum standard to ensure users can be confident that the facilities will be fit for purpose, safe and accessible.

In order to display the Changing Places logo, facilities must undergo Changing Places Accreditation.

When an as-built facility is certified as compliant by the Changing Places Assessor, the facility owner/manager will be issued with a ’Statement of Compliance’. The facility/owner/ manager can then apply to have the facility listed on the Changing Places Australia website as an accredited Changing Places facility.

The Australian Building Codes Board updated the National Construction Code (NCC) in 2019 (BCA Volume One, Clause F2.9) to include a new class of toilet called ‘Accessible Adult Change Facilities’. This new class of toilets – based on the Changing Places design – must be included in certain classes of public buildings. From 1 May 2019, one unisex Accessible Adult Change Facility must be provided in:


  • Class 6 buildings: shopping centres – with a design occupancy of not less than 3,500 people;
  • Class 9b sports venues – with a design occupancy of not less than 35,000 spectators or contains a swimming pool that has a perimeter of not less than 70m;
  • Museum and art gallery (or similar) buildings – with a design occupancy of not less than 1,500 patrons;
  • Theatre and entertainment venues – having a design occupancy of not less than 1,500 patrons;
  • Domestic and international passenger airports.


The NCC does not require that Accessible Adult Change Facilities be accredited as Changing Places toilets. However, toilets built according to the Changing Places Design Specifications will generally meet the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of the National Construction Code.

Our office can assist with conducting assessments of designs of As-built facilities against the design specification described in the Changing Places Design Specifications 2020 and confirm compliance with this.

Assessment at schematic design phase and collaboration with design team through design development will ensure that facilities are designed according to the Changing Places Design Specifications 2020 and will be built according to all of the necessary requirements for it to be accredited as a Changing Places facility.

Each assessment involves a review of the design against the requirements of the Design Specifications utilising a detailed Assessment Form, to confirm compliance with the Design Specifications. On completion of assessment, a Statement of Compliance will be issued.

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