Liveable Housing

Livable Housing Assessment & Certification

Livable Housing Australia Strategic Plan articulates LHAs commitment to implementation and fulfilment of the following key outcomes:

  • significantly increasing the stock of livable homes across Australia;
  • the adoption of the Livable Housing Design Guidelines as an industry standard – valued and user endorsed;
    ensure government, industry and community embrace, request and use the standard;
    ensure industry has the capacity and skills to design, deliver and accredit livable homes;
  • ensure that LHA is the preferred accreditation pathway;
  • demonstrate that livable housing design, delivery, and accreditation are mainstream because it makes business sense;
  • progression toward more livable housing stock is able to be measured credibly;
  • ensuring that LHA is a self-sustaining business.


Since introduction in 2011, the Livable Housing Design Guidelines have been adopted and/or referenced by a wide range of government and non- government organisations as a minimum requirement for a variety of new homes being built in Australia.

A Livable Housing Assessor is an independent consultant who undertakes the assessment of Designs and Final as-built dwellings to determine compliance with the Design Elements and related Performance Criteria in the Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

Upon completion of design assessment or final as-built dwelling certification with the Livable Housing Design Guidelines, we are required to register the project with Livable Housing Association. Once registration is acknowledged via email by LHA, Kasey can issue a Provisional Design Certificate or a Final As-Built Certificate verifying compliance with the Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

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